Secret Zagreb’s year at Love Zagreb

Secret Zagreb’s year at Love Zagreb

Zagreb Tourism Board runs a blog called Love Zagreb with stories from Zagreb locals. Back in 2021, they invited us to write for the new section called Untold Stories. This has been a very enjoyable collaboration for a number of reasons. 2021 was still an insecure year for tourism, and small city touroperators like Secret Zagreb, but this new content gave us a wonderful tool to stay connected with our guests, people interested in visiting Zagreb, and helped us always stay fresh and observing when exploring Zagreb. It has become a fruitful and steady collaboration of 3 years, with more than 60 articles published. The ideas for new posts in the upcoming year are already keeping our Iva entertained. While we’re waiting for another Untold Story, let’s take a look back at all the articles from 2023. Click on the article title or the photo caption to read the full story.

23 Things to do in Zagreb

We kicked off the year with a list of ideas for your Zagreb stay. Expand it, or shrink it, use it over the course of a year or in a single day.

Doors of the Lower Town

Every time we pass through a physical door, something unknown is bound to happen. Doors can be symbolic, intriguing, or simply eye-capturing. Let us wander the streets of Zagreb, and search for some pretty entrances in the area of Donji grad – Lower Town.

Coming to a cinema near you past Aprils

A story about the iconic storytelling products of Zagreb that marked their milestones in April 2023.

Which tram do I take?

 Is there a scenic tram line that I could take? That’s a question we get asked by tourists a lot. You are in Zagreb, the perfect town for wandering. If you hop on any tram, you will reach some curious sites, distant neighborhoods, and the real city.

Which tram do I take? Photo by I. Vinković, Zagreb Tourist Board

A walk in the company of whales and historical rebels

Widespread on the north side of Zagreb, mount Medvednica holds the city in its arms, her green slopes resembling a warm embrace that keeps us all safe. Watching from a distance, you can still easily spot a massive pale shape that interrupts the greenery of the forest. It’s the fortress of Medvedgrad watching down at the city from its heights. Interestingly, Medvedgrad wasn’t the only fortress on the slopes of the mountain. The most accessible one is the once mighty Susedgrad town. Let’s get to know it.

Rokov perivoj – sense of overwhelming serenity

This text is for all of you flaneurs, to answer the questions that arise when you discover the lovely Rokov perivoj (St Roch’s Park). This is not an invitation to search for the spot. You will really enjoy it only if you stumble upon it. There’s nothing sensational about it at first glance, so if you hurry up to go there only to check it off of your list, it could even disappoint you. But if you are wandering around the town, it will be your perfect discovery.

Happy Write-day!

2023 is the year of several big anniversaries of Croatian writers. One of them happens these days, as Miroslav Krleža was born on 07/07/1893. In honor of his birth date, let’s stick to the number 7 and remember 7 anniversaries. You might stumble upon some of their statues or memorial plaques on the streets of Zagreb, too.

Welcome to the playful shade of Krešimirac Park

We all tend to admire historical parks. The older they are, our appreciation grows stronger. Now, what if I told you that one of the most notable parks in Zagreb is only 85 years old? This youngster is unique for many reasons. Why not take a look at some of its prominent features?

5 things to see in Novi Zagreb

With this article, we are taking you across the river Sava to the area of Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb). Explore it with the help of these recommendations for must-see places!

5 special treats of Novi Zagreb

As promised in the previous article, we are staying on the south bank of river Sava for yet another post about Novi Zagreb area. The recent article was about the must-sees, and now is the time for my choice of special treats that you might like to visit.

Sightseeing, people-watching, window-shopping, and detail-spotting in Masarykova Street – now is the time

A part of Masarykova Street in the city center has recently become a car-free zone, now reserved for walkers and cyclists. The experience of the street has completely changed since. People are taking a small break from life to enjoy the city buzz. They grab a coffee, sit on one of the benches, look around… This brings me to my favorite pastime – sightseeing and detail-spotting, even here in Zagreb, my home-town. Why don’t we all take a better look at Masarykova Street?

Long October evenings overtaking the Upper Town

When you walk the streets of the old town at night, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of bits and pieces of the dark history. I am sure they form a part of the unique atmosphere. Wherever you are in the Upper Town, you might be passing by a former cemetery, torture chamber, execution spot, or a place full of legends and superstitions. Bear that in mind, especially in the magical parts of the year.

Worlds within the blocks – a fading ingredient of a utopian city life

Zagreb is a city with back doors into hidden worlds. Have you noticed that the buildings in Zagreb are arranged in big blocks? It takes as much as 10 minutes to walk around one of those. You could feel a bit suffocated by the busy city on a regular stroll. However, there’s a little secret: the spacious areas are well-hidden. Just one look at Google Maps will unveil a world by itself inside each of the blocks.

There are people living in the city center who need to keep the windows shut on one side of the apartment because the noise from the street is unbearable. On the other side of the same flat, the view of the treetops makes them forget there is a city around them. Yet, the exclusivity of such a place often hides in plain sight even from its owners, let alone from an unsuspecting passer-by.

Green is the color of the season

Christmastide is the time to go green. Evergreen, to be precise. Do you also decorate your homes with evergreen plants close to the end of the year?

Those traditions celebrate life in this cold period of short days. How exactly do Zagreb homes look like around this time? A walk through the city will give you a glimpse into the local traditions.

Take a look at lovezagreb.hr and enjoy all the stories written by Zagreb locals. You can find Secret Zagreb contributions in the Untold Stories section.