Secret Zagreb Quests

Preventing dragons to wake up, investigating a case of poisoning, mystery-solving book club... What's your choice?

Did you know we've been creating gamified activities in Zagreb since 2015?

Gamified Activities for Your Perfect Zagreb Experience

We’re specialized in two things: themed tours and innovative gamified exploration of Zagreb.

Secret Zagreb Quests is a common name for our gamified experiences. We started our first quest back in 2015. It was our city game called Witch Hunt. In the meantime, we have developed several gamified tours. Most of them are not self-guided – you will still meet with our fun tour guide in a costume who will share some stories from the city’s past. Listen carefully, because those stories could give you clues for solving the riddles.

Our quests are a great way to learn about Zagreb. We recommend it as a team-building activity, great activity for families or groups of friends, or even a different kind of birthday party. The stories are entertaining, the riddles quite challenging, the city becomes an immersive playground and you get to know Zagreb in an unexpected way.

In 2020, we created a free self-guided gamified tour inspired by our Zagreb Ghosts & Dragons Tour. We warn you – it’s not easy, but you can download it and use it for free and even win great discounts. This can be a great start to your Secret Zagreb experience or a great alternative to our walking tours if you prefer to explore the city by yourself.

Scroll down to check our selection of quests and visit our partner site Playful Croatia for more gamified experiences in the country.