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Zagreb Christmas Carol Selfguided

Try out OUR short self-guided tour that will give you an insight into the fun stories we share on the face-to-face Zagreb Christmas Carol tour. This page contains a self-guided tour that showcases several locations with instructions on how to reach each one .

At each of the locations, there are several fun facts related to the end-of-the year customs and history. 

Duration: cca 40 min.

Starting and ending point: Trg bana Josipa Jelačića (central city square).

This tour is created for December 2023.

Cover illustration: Igor Ivanović – Brainless Studio

13 Nights Photo Tour

Our first free e-book is a photo tour called 13 Nights.

Here at Secret Zagreb, we’ve been traditionally organizing an increased number of dark evening tours in October for visitors and locals alike since 2013. As 2020 wasn’t exactly going as planned, it wasn’t possible to organize our usual 13 Days of
Halloween event.

Worry not! We weren’t going to leave you without the mysterious Zagreb tales even in this strange year. Our Iva teamed up with photographer Branko Nađ. Together we prepared 13 Nights photo blog. Each evening, from 19 to 31 October 2020, a new curious tale from Secret Zagreb archives reminded us of the city’s ancient soul on our social networks. With all the delightful reactions, we decided to turn those stories into an e-book. Thanks to the work of talented and intuitive designer Benedetta Agostoni, the e-book is now available for download.

We hope it will inspire you to enjoy a quiet evening walk through the old town, surrounded only by the thin mist, in search of whispers of times long past.

Ghosts & Dragons Selfguided Quest

We are specialised in gamified activities, so we prepared a free self-guided quest for you to try out. Let us warn you that it’s not easy at all, but it can be an interesting and challenging activity for your stay in Zagreb.

You can download the PDF with riddles in Croatian or English, head over to the Stone Gate, which is the starting point, and start spotting, exploring and figuring out the riddles we prepared for you.

If you manage to solve it, contact us with the solution and we will send you an e-booklet with more information about the places you’ve visited.

The whimsical illustration was created by Nela Dunato.

Mystical, off-the-path, gamified or seasonal. What's your choice?

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