Zagreb Tours and Activities with a Twist

Zagreb is a city for wanderers and explorers. A city with many faces, dozens of layers of history and millions of memories waiting to be discovered. Each of our tours offers a different perspective of Zagreb as we’re having trouble picking our favourite one. Mysterious tales, empowering women, seasonal stories, off-the path places, all gathered under the same Secret Zagreb umbrella.

Secret Zagreb walks started in 2013 with two tours. In the meantime, we have created more than 15 alternative themed tours and, since 2015, innovative gamified explorations of Zagreb, with more to come.

We’ve been featured in most of the national daily newspaper and magazines, in a lot of TV and radio shows. In-flight magazines and a lot of foreign reporters shared our story as well. The Guardian even included our tours as one of the top 10 alternative walking tours in Europe.

Some of Secret Zagreb tours are available regularly as scheduled tours, others are available as private tours. Pick your favourite one and explore Zagreb with us!

We've been creating themed tours and other content inspired by Zagreb since 2011.

All of our tours are a product of throughout research. Learn more about Zagreb by joining our tours or reading our blog.

Among the first ones in Zagreb to start a tour business based on themed tours exclusively and the first ones to offer gamified activities as a way to explore the city.

We're continuously learning new skills to improve our tours and are active in life-long education in the field of cultural tourism in Croatia.

Mystical, off-the-path, gamified or seasonal. What's your choice?

Our Popular Tours

If you have a hard time picking from our choice of tours and activities, this list of the most visited tours might help.