New Tour by Secret Zagreb: Badass Women of Zagreb

New Tour by Secret Zagreb: Badass Women of Zagreb

Croatia’s history is full of breath-taking battles, bravest heroes, improbable victories, amazing inventors… but, every local tour guide from Zagreb knows: nothing compares to the spark in the visitors’ eyes when they hear the incredible story about one remarkable woman: Marija Juric Zagorka, the first Croatian female journalist and the most popular writer.

And while Zagorka will almost inevitably be included in each and every city tour, there are so many other inspiring women we don’t talk about often enough. In a country that doesn’t even have one woman on its paper money, we need to show how many deserving women are there.

Badass Women of Zagreb, new tour by Secret Zagreb, honours many inspiring women who have walked the streets of this city.

While some of the women mentioned on the tour are of national importance, others were internationally acclaimed. You’re about to hear about internationally acknowledged paintresses and female writers, a Nobel-prize nominee, and a founder of international art association, Olympic gold winner, star of Munich opera house, righteous amongst the nations, game-chaning noble women and even the first Miss Europe.

And yes, some of the ladies were bad-tempered, awkward, old-maids. Some of them were proven crazy – they were institutionalised for their inappropriate behaviour. There is even a cat lady. One that lived in a spooky 19th century mansion. You can call them whatever you want, they wouldn’t care. They didn’t care at their time. They were too busy doing their research, founding universities, being divas, fighting regimes, saving people or climbing the mountains barefeet.

This tour shares stories about Croatian women with temper and confidence that kept them going and succeeding. About women with enough self-awareness to be an inspiration to this day. About badass women we all wish to become.