Equality in Tourism – 5 Questions for Change Survey

Equality in Tourism – 5 Questions for Change Survey

Our Iva took part in 5 Questions for Change survey that collected experience and stories from women in tourism from all over the world. The survey was conducted by Equality in Tourism initiative.

If it’s true that women are more likely to come up with meaningful small-scale projects, and if the prediction about popularization of slow meaningful travel will come true, many women, even in regions that are not yet valorized, will be able to make a living of their little projects of heritage-based tourism. I really feel like the rare visitors who have come to Zagreb in 2020 wanted to hear more inspiring, spirit-lifting stories than ever. My most popular tour last year was dedicated to – women! (Badass Women of Zagreb walking tour). I will take it as a sign that things are truly changing. Quick thrills and entertainment in tourism are going to have to step aside and make way for deep connections with destinations. That’s where we, the women, step in.

Answer to the question “Do you think the pandemic has created an opportunity of change for women in tourism?” posted on Day 5 of 5 Questions for Change. Read the whole article here.

Five days in a row, in the week starting from 8 March, Equality in Tourism posted blog posts with the selections of answers to certain questions that raise issues about common problems that women face in tourism. Start from the first article in the series. Finish with the last one that was just published, and reflects on things we’ve learned from the interviews.

Participation in this survey was very illuminating. In some parts of the world the equality issues are very obvious. In the other ones, we don’t think about them as much. This was a perfect opportunity to contemplate on the situation in Croatia.

Image: Equality in Tourism