Sleeping Dragon & Other Legends

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Sleeping Dragon & Other Legends

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Take our Sleeping Dragon and Other Legends tour to discover ancient draconic folk lore, learn a couple of interesting facts about the strangest society around, and meet some sculpted snakes and dragons of Zagreb. Learn some esoteric mysteries and remain in hope that the sleeping dragon will not wake up during your stay in Zagreb…

It was the perfect tour to take in such a fascinating city, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Elgin from UK on TripAdvisor

  • Discover the story about the sleeping dragon and other legendary reptiles of Zagreb
  • Unique opportunity to find out about some of the rich Croatian folklore traditions – stories, ancient beliefs, customs
  • Secretive symbols on the frontages
  • Stories about mysterious Croatian society that operates under the emblem of a dragon
  • Visit to the underground tunnel (if open at the time of the tour)
  • Great choice for families or school visits, interesting for the adults as well
  • Route covers many important sights (area around the cathedral, the Upper Town) which makes it an imaginative alternative for standard tours

We had a most wonderful time and returned home richer for a great experience.

Vilenica from Croatia on TripAdvisor


This tour is available as private tour only. This means we will organise it for your team, family or group of friends. Simply contact us to arrange the details and book the date of your choice.


DURATION: cca 2 hrs

MEETING SPOT: Kaptol 1, by the fountain in front of the Zagreb cathedral (see map below)


This is an ideal meeting spot, but the tour is rather flexible. Please, let us know your group’s preferences and we will try to adjust the route.



Recommended number of participants for this tour is up to 15, but we will try to adjust to your requests, and it is possible to organise multiple groups at the same time.

PRICES depend on the size of your group as follows:

110 EUR/ 1-10 persons (total price per group)
150 EUR / 11-20 persons
200 EUR / more than 20 persons

All prices include VAT.



Contact us to arrange the details and book your favourite date.