Into the Forest

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Into the Forest

per person

This tour is currently not available because of the huge construction works that make it hard to organise. Hopefully we will be able to organise again from spring.


Zagreb is charming. Harmonious architecture, urban vibe, bursting with creativity…. but there must be more to Zagreb than it’s city center, right? After all, within the narrow city center you can already feel the influence of tourism. How about a unique local experience that will change your perspective of the city?

Do you know that people from Zagreb enjoy visits to their beautiful green mountain called Medvednica? Do you know they simply adore walking around their city until it takes them to places they haven’t even been aware of? That’s what we’d like to offer through this tour. We want to take you to our favorite places on the north side of the city, far away from the crowds. To show you witnesses of the times long past, from an incredibly peaceful baroque pilgrimage spot, to some abandoned objects at the foot of mount Medvednica.

After we explore the amazing places the tour guide books don’t mention, we can stop by a cosy traditional mountain restaurant for a lunch.


Half-day tour from the city center to the bottom of the mountain

Mysterious legends from mount Medvednica

History from the spiritual life of 18th-century monks to notorious 20th-century regimes

Visit to a serene sanctuary

Time-travel to WWII through a visit to abandoned bunkers

Walk a charming forest trail by a stream

Tram tickets


DURATION: cca 5 hrs

MEETING SPOT:  Ban Jelačić Square, by the clock (see the map). This is the recommended meeting spot, but we will gladly meet you by your accommodation or wherever it suits you.



This tour is designed as a private tour. It can be suitable for small groups of friends or families, but adventurous bigger groups enjoy it just as well. The tour lasts cca 5 hrs. Please, wear comfortable shoes and we advise you to dress in layers. We’re not going to hike the mountain, but we’re going into the forest at the bottom of the mountain and some parts of the terrain are uneven. It’s always a few degrees colder in the woods. Please, make sure to put an insect repellent on, because the most dangerous animals in the forests of Zagreb are the smallest ones (especially ticks).

If you have any special needs or requirements, anything that might be limiting, please let us know before the tour and we’ll adjust it according to your wishes. It is possible to stop for lunch or a short break in a mountain lodge (additional costs of a meal and one drink can be around 15 EUR).

This is a walk in nature and it can be canceled in case of bad weather.


If you’d like us to organize a private tour for your group of friends, contact us to arrange the details and book your favourite date.

Recommended number of participants for this tour is up to 15, but we will try to adjust to your requests, and it is possible to organize multiple groups at the same time.

PRICES depend on the size of your group as follows:

110 EUR/1-10 persons (total price per group)
150 EUR / 11-20 persons
200 EUR / more than 20 persons

All prices include VAT.



Contact us to arrange the details and book your favourite date.