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Curiosities and news from Secret Zagreb

Croatia cherishes the Marian traditions, including long, sometimes barefoot processions towards one of many Marian sanctuaries to celebrate the Assumption of Mary, August 15.  Even the state honored that tradition by recognizing this festivity as a public holiday.  Those who choose

Whether you need a serene moment or an energy boost, a walk down the pathways of Zagreb Botanical Garden makes a perfect fit. And while you’re there enjoying the green exhibition, listen carefully, for the soft breeze running through centennial

One of the charming off-the-beaten-track features of Zagreb is an old water well. It's hiding in Demetrova Street No11,  behind a massive wooden yard gate. Don't hesitate to peek inside and get a closer look at the huge draw-well, the

Zagreb is unique for many things, and one of them is not really native to Croatian lands. It’s the significant Etruscan collection displayed at the Archaeological Museum. The collection actually consists of one single object! We had many ancient nations