Secret Zagreb projects in the making

Secret Zagreb projects in the making

Plans for 2024

The end of the year is approaching real fast. Usually, that’s a perfect time to reflect upon the year that has passed. But it’s also the perfect time to make plans for the upcoming year. Do you happen to think about visiting Zagreb next year? Why don’t we take a look ahead and show you what awaits for you here at Secret Zagreb. We’ve been busy working on some new innovative additions to our offer and can’t wait for you to try them out.

Heart of Wonders – a new quest

We are having a great time these days, picking out the most unusual curiosities from the city’s past and the most distinctive creatures from the local legends. We’re going to introduce you to them through our new quest – Heart of Wonders. The best part of this quest is the fact that it will be suitable even for very big groups, up to 100 people. Unlike most of other Secret Zagreb quests, this one will not be accompanied by a storyteller. Instead, each team will receive their heart of wonder and unlock their way through the city. Along their way, they will also unveil some curious tales. Heart of wonder will already be available in December and we have the first groups booked. We’ll let you know how they felt about it.

Secret Zagreb App – selfguided tours

We have started developing an app that will feature self-guided versions of our most popular tours. You will be able to experience our storytelling whenever it suits you, at your own pace. We are working with creative and friendly partners. Don’t worry, we will make sure to present them to you in the upcoming months, and we’ll keep you posted about the app development. If all goes well, the app should be available next March.

That’s not all, folks

As each year, feel free to expect some fun additions to our tours offer. First of all, there will be a comeback of our signature Zagreb Ghosts & Dragons Tour. We haven’t been able to run it this year due to a number of construction works along the tour route, but this changes next year. Can’t wait! Also, we are preparing a gamified version of the Secret Zagreb Book Club tour. Quite possibly, there will be some printed editions of Secret Zagreb tours. Last, but not least, we are already talking about some collaborative projects, and we’re sure that some of the talks are going to turn to action. Follow our Facebook, instagram or TikTok for the updates.

As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward in the upcoming months, and a lot of fun moments are waiting for all of us here at Secret Zagreb.

Cover illustration: Brainless Studio by Igor Ivanović