We’re SOLD OUT for the Christmas season

We’re SOLD OUT for the Christmas season

This December will probably be record-breaking in tourist numbers here in Zagreb, judging by the number of your requests for our Zagreb Christmas Carol tour that have been record-breaking, too. It’s only the first half of November, but we have already filled up our calendar for December. Sad news for everyone who was thinking about booking the tour, but hasn’t done it yet – the tour is already sold out and we have no availability any more for December.

The only exception are the owners of our gift certificate. If you are one of them, don’t give up so fast. Make sure to contact us if you wish to use your gift certificate by the end of the year and we will find a solution.

What are the alternatives?

Don’t worry, we have a taste of Zagreb Christmas Carol in the form of a short self-guided tour. Hope you will try it out and enjoy it.

If you’re searching for other ideas for your time in Zagreb this December, make sure to check out the Advent Zagreb website.

If you are interested in hearing our stories, check out some of the Christmas-themed episodes of our sister-project, Croatia Underrated podcast.