Most Visited Secret Zagreb Tours

Most Visited Secret Zagreb Tours

We’ve developed many fun tours and gamified activities over the years. However, their number sometimes complicates your choice when you’re planning your time in Zagreb. Let’s try and help you with the decision-making with articles that might narrow your choice down. In this first one, we will share which 5 tours are the most popular ones. Hope to see you joining one of these tours!

5. Zagreb Christmas Carol

High on the list of our most visited tours, comes Zagreb Christmas Carol, a seasonal treat. No wonder. Christmas festivities are a big trigger for many people to visit Zagreb. If you are one of them, why don’t you treat yourself with a walking tour that wraps up the Christmas festivities in a veil of local curiosities?

4. Zagrebarium

Probably the best alternative to a regular city tour, as it covers the main sights. However, the tour guide, dressed in a costume inspired by the visionary 19th-century Zagreb, shares stories about inventors, superstitions, and the fast advancement of the city back then.

3. Badass Women of Zagreb

Listen to the stories about inspiring women on all life paths, and at the same time, walk through some of the most pleasant paths of the city. When we first started this tour in 2017, we were simply eager to share our fascination with the stories and wanted to point to their invisibility on the streets of a city. The tour surprised us by becoming one of our most visited tours.

2. Sleeping Dragon Quest

Our gamified quests are an inventive, playful, and challenging way to get to know the city. In the past years, the legends-themed Sleeping Dragon Quest has become one of our most wanted activities. It’s a great choice for teams, birthday parties, or anyone who wishes to learn abouhe city the fun way.

1. Zagreb Ghosts and Dragons Tour

We love to work on new tours, but it’s true what they say: oldie, but goodie. Our first tour ever is still the most popular choice for travelers and locals alike. Unfortunately, 2023 is the first year we don’t run it as a public tour. This is because parts of our route have been cut off due to renovations in the old town. Hopefully, it will be back by the end of the year. In the meantime, go for Sleeping Dragon and Other Legends as an alternative.

See you in Secret Zagreb!

Header photo by Božidar Raos