Ghosts & Dragons Tour not available and our schedule in 2023

Ghosts & Dragons Tour not available and our schedule in 2023

Our popular (and signature) evening walk called Zagreb Ghosts & Dragons Tour is temprorarily unavailable due to a number of construction works in its area. Most probably, it won’t be available before the end of the year 2023. If you’d like to visit some spots from the tour by yourselves, try out our self-guided quest.

The old town is under a lot of repairs as a consequence of the 2020 earthquake that seriously damaged the city. Many major rennovations started only this year, and that’s why we need to evade certain routes, and we don’t organise scheduled (shared) tours at all, only private ones, this year.


All of our tours and quests are available as private events for your group. Contact us to book your favourite date.


Unfortunately, we won’t be organizing shared tours, where you can simply purchase a ticket and join, on a regular basis this year. However, we will organise them occasionally, with an increased number of shared tours in summer months. Shared tours will be announced on our Instagram or Facebook. It also doesn’t hurt to let us know if you’re travelling solo and would only join a shared tour. If we are available, we can try to set up a tour.


Go through our tours&acitivites offer, and contact us to check the availability and set the date. It is not necessary to pay for the tour in advance. Sometimes it’s possible to book on the day, but sometimes we get pretty busy so it’s not unusual to receive bookings months ahead. If you have any questions or need help choosing the best tour for you, we will be happy to help.

PRIVATE TOURS (Prices are for the entire group, not per person):

47 EUR / 1 -4 persons

60 EUR/5-10 persons

86 EUR/11-20 persons

110 EUR/more than 21 persons


10 EUR/person

QUESTS (gamified tours)

55 EUR / 1 -3 persons (price per group)

70 EUR/4-12 persons (price per group)

6 EUR/more than 12 persons (price per person)


If you’re here in Zagreb and we’re not available, or you can’t find the time to go for a tour, we still have something prepared for you: our self-guided gamified quest. You can pick up our flyer at the Visitors Center at the main square or download a copy here. Have fun exploring and don’t forget to follow the instructions and send us a proof that you finished it, so we can award you with an e-brochure with info about the places you visited.

You could also use our photo-brochure 13 Nights as an inspiration for a self-guided tour or check out the Zagreb stories on Croatia Underrated podcast.

There will be some news with self-guided tours that we’re preparing for this year, so stay tuned…

Cover photo: Božidar Raos