Zagreb Christmas Carol Season is Open

Zagreb Christmas Carol Season is Open

Advent in Zagreb might be much humbler than we’re all used to, without any markets and lively buzz that usually goes with it. However, there is one thing you can always do – well, join a tour, of course! With special precautions related to the current coronavirus situation, we’re organising tiny-group-tours in English throughout the month of December Thursdays and Sundays at 11 am.

Did you know that, in the previous two years, Zagreb Christmas Carol was the Secret Zagreb tour with the highest number of visitors? Even though it’s available for only one holiday month of December, while some other tours are scheduled in the major part of the year!

This tour is a wonderful choice for anyone during Christmas season: individual travelers, organised day trips to Zagreb Christmas markets, school visits, families, groups of friends, it’s a favourite choice for team buildings and a perfect Christmas banquet addition… It’s a tour that has the biggest variety of visitors. Back in 2013, when we first started this tour, it was just a desperate try to fill up the budget for a quiet month of December. Who would have thought that Zagreb would become THE holiday destination and that so many people will wish to participate in activities that enrich it at that time of the year.

We can’t possibly hope for the same results as in previous years. Precisely because we know there are less (if any) people visiting Zagreb this year, but there are many dreaming about holiday atmosphere in our city, we will also be dedicated to creating additional content on our social media. Follow Secret Zagreb on Instagram where we will regularly share photos from Zagreb Advent 2020.

Header photo by Branko Nađ