13 Nights – Halloween Photo Tour

13 Nights – Halloween Photo Tour

Since 2013, we’ve been traditionally organising an increased number of dark evening tours in October for visitors and locals alike. Our event 13 Nights of Halloween has been around since 2014. This year, however, is not exactly going as planned. It’s Halloween, and we’re at home watching horror movies just like anyone else, since our usual 13 Nights of Halloween isn’t taking place because of the current Covid-19 situation.

But worry not – we teamed up with photo artist Branko Nađ and prepared a photo tour called “13 Nights”.??

Each night, from 19 to 31 October, another curious tale from Secret Zagreb archives reminded you of the city’s mysteriousness on our social networks. Hopefully, it gave some people another reason to go for a quiet evening walk in the old town. A walk surrounded only by the thin October mist and the smell of fallen leaves, its quietude interrupted only by the soft whispers of times long past. ????

Instead of taking people for a dark walk in person, we took it to Facebook and Instagram, with a short feature of dark local history and legends each evening.

Today is the last day, and so far, we’ve received a lot of messages that inspired us to turn this little photo tour into a small booklet that will be available for download on our website. In the meantime, make sure to follow our partner in crime, photographer Branko Nađ @bn_photo000 on Instagram for the most magical photos of Croatian nights.