Love and Zagreb

Love and Zagreb

I’ve read a few times that Zagreb is one of the most romantic towns. After all, they said, it’s the home of the Museum of Broken Relationships. Ehm.. I hate to break it to you, but that particular museum is about relationships gone awry. But you know what? That is quite romantic. After all, all the best love stories are usually the ones with a sad ending

The most common answers are as follows:
– Dora and Siniša
– Nera and what’s the name (actually, Siniša is her man, not Dora’s, but hey, they’re all the same, I guess)
– Josipa and Karl
– Ljerka Šram and what’s the name
– Vlatka and Dikan

I’m not going to give you any spoilers, but let me tell you that two couples are book characters. The woman is either a witch or poisoned. Two real-life stories are indeed very sad and tragic. One includes a stalker. And the last one… don’t ask.

So, I guess that we just can’t expect a happy ending in a good love story. Good news is, Zagreb has its share of weird couples throughout history so we decided to collect a whole bunch of tragic and inappropriate love tales to spice up your Valentine’s or any other day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Illustration: Igor Ivanović/ Brainless Studio