Movie That Starts With Opening of Underground Passages Simply Must Go Wrong

Does this sound like a beginning of a trashy horror movie or what?

Mysterious tunnel in the city center is finally open for public… oh, wait – it’s not just yet! They decided to postpone the opening for just one day. I only hope they’re not covering something up inside… After all, any movie that begins with re-opening of some underground passages simply can’t go well. Luckily enough, I’ not talking about a movie, this is actually happening here in Zagreb. Huge tunnel called Gric, that many people didn’t even know existed, is finally renovated and you will be able to enter it Monday to Friday from 9 to 9. Have fun, I’m sure nothing can go wrong!

Although… I can imagine curious tourists exploring the enormous tunnel, walking away from the busy crowd, noticing a locked door, trying to figure out how to get in, when they hear a strange noise behind the closed door… no, wait! The sound is actually behind them! They slowly turn around when…

Hey, no spoilers! Come tomorrow and become the story:)

Oh, and hope you don’t mind, there’s no wi-fi in the tunnel. No signal whatsoever. As if you were in a trashy horror movie… Happy exploring!