Zagreb – the Fading City

Zagreb – the Fading City

Have you ever been to a little pen repairs shop? As incredible as it seems, such a workshop was right there on the main city square… up until one month ago.

Too late for paying the visit now. The owner recently passed away.

Remember, guardians of the city’s memories are still here among us, no need to search far. Late Mr. Boško Varićak Keranović had his little workshop on the very main square. But guardians of the memories, they don’t use indestructible centennial pens that are actually worth repairing. They use gentle pencils and can be erased in seconds. It’s up to us to collect and preserve their memories and knowledge instead of letting them slip into oblivion. 

One of the last masters of the pen in the entire world has just died….Leaving most of us unaware of the fact he was right here.

But good news is…Cahun, the hatters, Cerovecki, the umbrella-makers, Trajkovic, the bakers – to name just a few… they’re still here in Zagreb, and have been for almost a century. 

Isn’t it time to pay them a visit? 

Header photo: old meteorological column is being maintained by a clockmaker family Lebarović.