Zagreb Like a Local

Zagreb Like a Local

A couple of months ago, I joined Like a Local team as a local editor for Zagreb. So far, we’ve put up 100 reviews of Zagreb attractions for travelers (not tourists), which has resulted in a great city app.

I hope you download it and let me know what you think. The trial version will give you several hours of free access. I’m sure you know of some better places in Zagreb…well, that’s perfect – apply for an editor and let the world know, too!

Before you jump into any conclusions, I must argue right away- it’s not just a city app. Like a Local is a comprehensive project lead by enthusiastic and incredibly efficient young crew with huge experience in creative tourism projects. The energy of the core-team is so inspiring, there is absolutely no doubt this project is going to turn gigantic, and that’s why I want my city to be a part of it. By inspiring, I actually mean that I have already made some future travel plans inspired by suggestions of other local editors! Hope I caninfluence someone the same way with Zagreb.

As for the app itself… unlike all those apps that are counting on already existing Google maps information, it’s not even part of the plan to publish the app before it has a decent amount of proofread and 100% tourist-proof material about each participating city. All the info is also available on their web page – that’s why I bookmarked it to consult it when ever I get in the mood for a city break. Maybe I’m being a tiny bit subjective, but I guess that’s what happens when you really enjoy collaborating with a company. 

My interview for the October 2013 edition of Like a Local Newsletter (when the Zagreb App was launched) 

As for Zagreb…it’s already there, safe on the list of cool European cities, with many new reviews coming up. Wouldn’t it be nice to contribute to your own home town in the same way?

Like my Zagreb tips? Join my Zagreb tours. Most Secret Zagreb tours can be booked through Like a Local, too.

Written by Iva Silla