Best of Secret Zagreb for Mysterious October

5 October 2020

The most mysterious month of the year calls for some of our favourite tours perfect for this season.

One of our favourite Zagreb legends is the story about the sleeping dragon of Zagreb. Back in 1880, an earthquake destroyed the town. People immediately started spreading rumours about a huge sleeping dragon that hides under the city. When it wakes up, the earth above it starts shaking. Centuries of the city’s life are being destroyed in a single moment.

There’s nothing more Zagreb - like than long walks through the old town in the first true autumn month. Misty evenings, fragrance of fallen leaves, roasted chestnuts and old houses, empty streets lit only by the dancing dim light of the old gas lamps.

Yes, unpredictable movements under our feet are caused by immense dragons. Yet everything frightening that goes on up in the sky - that’s usually caused by black humans, whether it’s BlackSchoolers… or even dangerous witches. It used to be a well known fact that destructive storms were signs of dark magic. Can you imagine the feeling, living in a small town on the hill, within the “safety” of a massive wall? But the wall can’t save you from the fear of your own neighbours? Who was it who dared to turn to the devil and caused hell on earth? Imagine that all you can think of is the ruthless fear of black magic in the midst of the kind of thunderstorm that could crush your small wooden home, or worse, burn your crops to the grounds!

Enjoy the long walk through the old town and you are bound to hear the soft whispers of the past. The mystical history of the city seems more credible in October than in any other month. Here is our selection of tours that will immerse you deeply into the mysterious side of the city:


Zagreb Ghosts and Dragons Tour

Historical ghost tour takes you off the beaten path to discover the dark side of the old town.



Witch Hunt Quest

Learn about notorious 18th century witch hunts the fun way.



Sleeping Dragon and Other Legends

Enjoy the local folk imaginary in this two-hours-walking tour.



Dragon Quest

Unlock the local legends.


Wishing you a spooky October!